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About Welcome Baby

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Where ever you are in your parenting journey – parenting is a big deal. There are highs and there are lows and there is everything in between. Who do you turn to with questions, when you just need a listening ear, or you need someone to laugh with?

Welcome Baby is a program of United Way of Skagit County. United Way has done extensive research and recognizes how critical the first 1000 of a child’s life is for their overall development and well-being. Welcome Baby’s goal is to support, educate, and empower families of children birth through age five, and connect families to resources, so that all Skagit children have a solid foundation for life.

Welcome Baby wants parents to feel connected to the activities, resources, and events that are available  in the community. In addition, the coordinators will advocate for parents and cheer them on as they navigate the murky waters of parenting. Welcome Baby is for you. Welcome Baby is for parents and caregivers of all shapes and sizes. Think of Welcome Baby as your friendly guide along the parenting journey.

What you can expect from Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a voluntary program for families in partnership with Skagit Valley Hospital and Mount Vernon Birth Center.

For those planning to deliver at Skagit Valley Hospital:  A Welcome Baby Coordinator will visit you in the hospital after the birth of your child. There is no agenda other than to get to know you and give you a gift to get you off to a great start when you go home.

For those planning to deliver at Mount Vernon Birth Center: A Welcome Baby Coordinator will visit you around your 36 week of pregnancy at a parent meeting hosted by the Birth Center. You will receive a gift full of useful items to get you started at home as well as information about the resources Welcome Baby has to offer.

Once you deliver your baby and begin your parenting journey at home, you will become a part of the Welcome Baby Community and have access to a wealth of FREE resources including:


  • Monthly newsletters packed full of information about milestones, parenting survival tips, and opportunities to meet other parents

  • Parenting classes 

  • Parent mentoring 

  • Support groups

  • Social connection through meet-ups and the Welcome Baby Facebook Group 

  • Resource connection 

  • Finally, you get the coordinators! You can call or text us at any time at 360.922.2644 for practical or emotional support, and information about resources.

About the coordinators...

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Jen Lindbeck, Welcome Baby Lead Coordinator

I love kids and feel passionate about providing parents with encouragement and support. I am not just chock full of good intentions, I also have experience as a parent of two children, and as a teacher in early childhood settings for over a decade both professionally and as a volunteer. In addition, I have a M.Ed. in Early Childhood and a host of training in trauma informed care, peer to peer support, and childhood development.

Ana Rivas, Welcome Baby Coordinator

Growing up in Skagit County in a low-income immigrant community with limited resources has motivated Ana to connect families with the available resources in our community. Ana is a Certified Medical Assistant and a first-time mom. She understands the challenges of balancing a career and parenting. Her goal is to support families – by connecting them to resources like diapers, lactation support, nutrition, housing, basic food information, or a listening ear when a parent has a concern or needs encouragement.


Watch the videos 

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We've produced a series of short videos that follow the progress of babies, toddlers, and beyond. These videos are designed to provide tips and insights as you work your way through this wonderful and sometimes daunting time.

0 - 1 month
1 - 2 months
2 - 3 months
3 - 4  months
4 - 5 months
5 - 6 months
6 - 7 months
7 - 8 months
8 - 9 months
9 - 10 months
10 - 11 months
11 - 12 months