There's a tip for that: Vroom tips for everyday situations

Vroom is a FREE app for parents that helps turn every day activities and situations in to brain building, learning opportunities. Check out the tips below:

My 10 month old doesn't listen when I call her name!

Vroom Tip for a 10-month old learning about sounds.

Sound Sensor: Play with your child by using your voice and/or household items that make a sound. Bang a pan or hum as you move around the house and change locations. Watch them move their head to follow the sounds. Smile and talk with them when they figure out where the sound is coming from.

Brainy Background: When you child is learning to follow where sounds are coming from their brain is activated and is making connections between their body and their environment. These connections prepare them for future learning.

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My 5 year old has difficulty concentrating!

Vroom Tip for an almost 6 year old learning to concentrate and focus.

Checklist: Help your child develop routines around eating times, playtime, and bedtime. Help them make a chart for what they do when they wake up: Get dressed, check. Eat breakfast, check. Even look out the window and say “Will you need a raincoat today?” Grab jacket, check.

Brainy Background: Having routines around the major times of the day helps children understand their experience and know what to expect. Predictability helps children feel safe and planning ahead is good for their brains.

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I want my kid to help around the house!

Vroom Tip for 4 and 5 year old to learn that cleaning up the can be fun.

Everything in Its Place: As they help put the dishes away, ask your child things like “How do you know where the dishes go? Is there a place for the bigger ones?” Put something away in the wrong place and see what they do. Do they know where it really goes?

Brainy Background: In order to put dishes and other kitchen items away your child must listen carefully to your questions and use their memory to remember where each item goes. When you switch the rules and put something in a different place, you help them to thing on their feet in changing conditions.

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My BUSY four year old is very physical!

Vroom Tip for 4 year old to practice self-control and sharing.

Belly Breathing: Help your child learn to breathe deeply when feeling upset. Have them close their eyes and put their hand on their belly to feel it go out when they breathe in. When breathing out, their belly moves in. Remind them to use Belly Breathing to help them calm down.

Brainy Background: When you ask your child to focus on their breathing when they feel upset, you help them practice self-control and learn to manage emotions in difficult situations. This ability continues to develop throughout life and supports your child in solving problems on their own.

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Get the Vroom app here and let the learning AND FUN begin.

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